Kimberly Vrudny

Participant 27

In 30/30 Participants, New Life Center Foundation, Thailand on August 12, 2010 at 2:27 am

"Participant 27" has been traumatized by the experiences that ultimately brought her to the New Life Center Foundation. She is charting a course free from exploitation.

When I was a little girl, I loved to go fishing with my big sister. This actually is my happiest memory, because I was living in the forest [at the time]. There was a river and I loved the environment with fresh air and clear skies. Even though during my childhood I did not get to eat delicious food—and even went without meals sometimes—I was so happy because I was with my family—my father, my mother, and my big sister. In terms of my interests . . . I like to play the guitar. I like to look after the fish (in the fish pond), and plant trees and flowers—especially orchids. I like orchids so much because they have beautiful fragrance and beautiful colors. In terms of the things important in my life . . . my relationship with God is important to me. God has provided me with a place to live, food to eat, and medicine to care for me. Also, what is important is that God is healing my heart and making me stronger.

I’d like to tell tribal women in northern Thailand to have awareness, to have knowledge and not be so easily manipulated. Because in today’s society, [there are] many areas in which you can be duped or tricked. If you believe people too easily you might be tricked easily, into many different things.

I want to recover fully from this disease. I dream that one day there will be medicine to heal me. I place my hope (and trust) in God because if that day could truly come, I’d like to have a complete family.

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