Kimberly Vrudny


Kimberly Vrudny is an associate professor of systematic theology at the University of St. Thomas, in St. Paul, Minnesota, where she also served from 2004-2012 as founding project director for HIV/AIDS initiatives through the University’s Office of Service Learning. She is the author of  Beauty’s Vineyard: A Theological Aesthetic of Anguish and Anticipation (Collegeville: The Liturgical Press, 2016), and of Friars, Scribes, and Corpses: A Marian Confraternal Reading of The Mirror of Human Salvation (Leuven: Peeters, 2010). She is also co-editor of two books, the most recent with Robin Jensen, Visual Theology: Forming and Transforming the Community Through the Arts (Collegeville: The Liturgical Press, 2009), which includes Vrudny’s essay, “Deforming and Reforming Beauty: Disappearance and Presence in the Theo-political Imagination of Ricardo Cinalli.” The second is with Wilson Yates, Arts, Theology and the Church: New Intersections (Cleveland: Pilgrim Press, 2005), which includes Vrudny’s essay, “Spirit Standing Still: Documenting Beauty in Photography.” She is the senior editor of ARTS: The Arts in Religious and Theological Studies. She was on sabbatical in South Africa, Thailand, and Mexico during academic year 2009-2010, documenting in photograph thirty people impacted by HIV/AIDS as the world approached the thirtieth anniversary of the pandemic. The thirty participants were identified by their affiliation with ten organizations responding to structural drivers of the pandemic.

Dr. Kimberly Vrudny
University of St. Thomas
2115 Summit Ave.
Mail # JRC 153
St. Paul, MN 55105


  1. Kim –

    My thoughts and prayers will be traveling with you! I will miss you while you are gone, but know that I will continue to work with students to obtain additional funds for food parcels. Your work on campus and now learning more about you and this project through this website have inspired me!

    Be Well My Friend!

  2. Hi Kim!

    I’m so glad that you included me in this email. It’s very exciting and I wish you all safe, fun, profound travels. My family and I are traveling to South Africa and Malawi this August but, alas, we’re not going to Cape Town. 😦 Please keep me aprised of your work. You rock!


  3. Dear Kim

    We the Louw family feel so blessed to be part of your South African family. You and your family have entered our lives and I feel so sad knowing that our time together will be over soon. I know God will keep this friendship save and that this is only a start of a long family relationship. Good luck with your sabbatical and after reading your work-30years30lives on the website I feel honoured and bless to know such a remarkable and phenominal women like you.


  4. Dear, Dear Kim
    Beautiful challenging moving work…
    Look forward to catching up

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